Cultivating an executive presence shouldn’t feel like fitting into someone else’s mold.

Compassionate coaching for corporate leaders who are tired of feeling like they have to fake it to make it.

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Sign up for my FREE 21 days of Freedom Challenge.


You’ve checked all the boxes.

Grow up, check. Get a practical education, enroll in an MBA, check.

Get a good job, a promotion, learn to lead, dress the part…

Check. Check. Check.

You should be happy with where you’re at in life, fulfilled even, instead you just feel tired, as in exhausted-tired, and staying motivated feels more like trying to move Mount Everest.

Because as you clamored up that corporate ladder, you learned that leading, more times than not, meant leaving a big part of yourself at the door, creating a duality between who you are at home and who you have to pretend to be at work.

It’s no wonder you’re exhausted! That kind of inner conflict creates a lot of stress..

But I’m here to tell you, there is an easier way.

Hi, I’m Karen Ann Bulluck.

I specialize in helping leaders like you bring your Higher Selves, your whole selves, into the workplace so you can lead and work with courage, calm and clarity.

After years of checking all the boxes, I realized that the source of my stress and exhaustion wasn’t necessarily dissatisfaction with my job, it was that I’d conformed to the restrictive mold of the corporate world, a mold that discourages us from bringing our whole selves to work, the good, the messy and the spiritual.

Then … I learned that I didn’t have to.

That’s why I started Higher Self Solutions, because I believe that when we show up as embodied, integrated leaders aligned with the universal wisdom of our Higher Selves, not only do we feel more connected to our work and the world around us, but we are also more creative, compassionate and insightful, and everyone benefits.

Reach Your Higher Self In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1:

Grab a cup of coffee and schedule a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss your goals, your roadblocks, and how coaching can help.

Step 2:

Dive deep into your desires, and create a customized 3- or 6-month plan to discover and activate your highest self.


Step 3:

Show up as an embodied, integrated leader aligned with universal wisdom who inspires and energizes everyone around you.

When you are fully aligned with your spirit, with the deep wisdom of your personal values, you are able to SOAR.

-Karen Ann Bulluck

Are you ready to activate your Higher Self, and:


Cultivate a presence based on your inner wisdom, rather than your outer image?


Experience less stress and exhaustion while also meeting your deadlines?


Communicate and sell your big ideas with confidence and ease?


Expand your ability to see the bigger picture?


Navigate conflict both constructively and compassionately?


She did an outstanding job helping me to reflect on my career, past and present and help guide my decisions for the future.

“Karen was very positive and energetic and provided a good framework for our conversations.

She was very attentive, responsive and structured in her approach to our conversations. In addition, she had me do an exercise helping to identify what the ideal situation would be and to make a decision that benefitted me and my career.

I would highly recommend Karen as a Coach and look forward to an opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

– Barbara – Sr. Project Manager

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Karen’s expertise and coaching led to break through thinking, allowing me to create situations and solutions that had a strong, positive impact on my organization.

Using her tools and techniques, I could much more objectively understand people and situations and alleviate the inner conflict that was in the way of getting to winning ideas and approaches.  Karen’s refreshing style will assist you in tackling your most difficult situations and landing on outcomes that pull everyone upward and inspire and motivate.

Tamara – Bio-Tech IT Executive

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“In looking for a coach, I asked myself, “Who could help me be the CEO of my life?”

Karen immediately came to mind. I started a business that felt overwhelming and I needed to step into the mindset of being the CEO of my own business.

Karen was a perfect fit!  She encouraged me and helped me feel empowered to make change.

Karen has an great sense of what is needed, I was able to shift my mindset from the very first session and take action.  She is a wonderful coach!”

– Heather, Meditation Instructor ✹ Mindfulness-based Life Coach

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